How to Update Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

In this guide we go through methods on how you can update Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with latest firmware version whenever available.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 although its powered with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean firmware out of the box and supports Galaxy Gear but there are always firmware update coming out every month. The major update that we are looking for Galaxy Note 3 in future is Android 4.4 Kitkat firmware. Just wait for few month and we would see Android 4.4 out officially.Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The question is how you can update your Galaxy Note 3 phone with official firmware whenever available? In this guide we have gone through procedure on how you can update your phone whenever there is an official update available –

Update Note 3 via OTA

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 OTA or the Over the Air update is most preferred method of updating your phone. In this method you will be directly connected to Samsung servers for download of files, thus you will need to have internet connection either by Data or via Wi-Fi. If you have limited internet plans then this method isn’t recommended when the update file size is more. Most of the USA carrier phone provides limited 4G Internet access so this method isn’t recommended for them.

Galaxy Note Update via Samsung KIES

Until the OTA updates made its presence, update via Samsung KIES was recommended method. Still many people prefer this method as you just need to connect your phone to PC using the USB cable, secondly it provides faster firmware update process since download is done via broadband internet.

So which of these method do you use to update your phone? Do let us know via comments below.


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